Why it's Worth Protecting?

Cultural and Heritage of the area

  1. Aboriginal, Mongolian, Palaeolithic history
  2. Empire Loyalists – Pioneers
  3. Canadian shipping history
  4. Shipwrecks---French, English, American---some of these are MilitaryPoint Traverse Lighthouse PEC
  5. Heritage Lighthouses 
  6. Marysburgh Triangle --- magnetic anomaly (the Bermuda Triangle of PEC)
  7. Rum Running, Barley Days
  8. Canneries supplying most of Canada


Natural Features of the area

  1. Great Lake Alvar
  2. Major Migratory Route
  3. International Monarch Butterfly Reserve
  4. Globally Significant IBA
  5. Environmentally Protected Wetlands
  6. Limestone CliffsPoint Petre
  7. Naturally occurring ‘paving stone’
  8. Pebble beaches
  9. 27 km undeveloped Lake Ontario shoreline
  10. Species at Risk


Potential Acquisitions

 Historic Lighthouses declared surplus by Fisheries & Oceans. These included: Swetman, Main Duck and Point Petre.The Point Traverse Lighthouse and Main Duck Island are a part of Thousand Islands National Park.

Point Petre lighthouseFalse Duck Island Lighthouse Prince Edward CountyMain Duck Island Lighthouse