Whatís the Point?

Why expanded National Wildlife Area and create a National Marine Conservation Area?

To ensure complete and permanent protection to the Prince Edward County (PEC) South Shore Important Bird Area (IBA), species at risk, bird, bat and monarch butterfly migration, biodiversity, unique alvar habitat, maritime historic shipwrecks (national treasures)---from any industrial development. 

Point to Point PEC is completing the work started 30 years ago.

There are a variety of terms used the describe Point to Pointís proposal such as:

  • Nature Reserve
  • Sanctuary
  • Wildlife area
  • Environmentally protected area

Regardless of what it is called Point to Pointís proposal would protect the area under Parks Canadaís jurisdiction, which is part of Environment Canada (federal=National Park). For simplicity, we use the term ĎNational Park proposalí

old logoEach park is unique and zoned in accordance to the need of protection and conservation for the area. There is always complete consultation process with all stakeholders before anything is agreed upon. This would occur once the proposal is accepted by all levels of government.

What the proposal means to South Marysburgh:

  1. There is no need for a new local PEC National Park. Instead, Thousand Islands National Park could be expanded to include the many shipwrecks in the waters around the South Shore to Main Duck Islands.Currently Main Duck Island and the lighthouse at Point Traverse are part of St. Lawrence Islands National Park.This is where the National Marine Conservation Area designation occurs to include the many shipwrecks in our area.
  2. Expanding the existing Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area to include Ostrander Point and potentially all other provincial land such as Point Petre and Timber Island.
  3. By designating this area under Parks Canada, it would protect these lands and water from any environmentally destructive industrialization.
  4. Property values would remain at market value.
  5. Landowners could voluntarily become involved with land stewardship programs.
  6. Some landowners may choose to sell (at market value) or donate their land to the National Wildlife Area.
  7. Parks Canada does not expropriate land (they used to).
  8. Commercial fishing would not be affected (under the Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans, not Parks Canada).
  9. Maintain the bird migration corridor and protect habitat from fragmentation (one of the biggest threat to the survival of many species at risk) for both marine and wildlife.
  10. Preserve natural spaces for future generations.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please contact Richard at 613-476-8074 or richard@pointtopointpec.ca