About Us

Point to Point PEC Foundation is a Canadian Federal not-for-profit organization. It was established by concerned local citizens working to preserve Prince Edward County’s South Shore, specifically to protect the land between Point Petre to Prince Edward Point (a.k.a Long Point and Point Traverse), the shoreline and adjacent marine habitat.

Our goal is to protect the Important Bird Area (IBA); wetlands; unique habitat; wildlife, including bird, bat and monarch butterfly migration route.  Also, we wish to establish the National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA), including the water around the South Shore of Prince Edward County (PEC), Timber Island, False Duck, Main Duck Island and Swetman Island to protect aquatic life and habitat.

Due to the imposing threat of Industrial development, locally we need to speak out now if we are to protect this unique biodiverse ecosystem. Diverse in the sense that it is an alvar, and a globally significant habitat for species at risk.

Our mission is to protect and conserve wildlife and aquatic life habitats in the Important Bird Area by engaging people and advocating on behalf of nature.

Our current focus is on preventing industrial developments that do not promote wildlife conservation, wilderness protection, and the survival of species at risk who inhabit Ostrander Point, the South Shore and the Islands.

Point to Point PEC, in it’s current phase, is not a membership organization. It relies on sponsors, supporters and volunteers. At a later phase membership will be an essential and welcomed part of our organization.

Speaking up for wildlife rights.  Protecting habitat and fly zones.
Their right, our responsibility.