Not A New Idea

Prince Edward County's relationship with conservation

At least twice PEC Council has passed motions related to supporting a National Park in Prince Edward County:

1.  Don Ward, PEC Clerk-Treasurer, Administrator:

"Last year [1993], the Council for the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward passed a resolution asking Government of Canada declared their land holdings at Prince Edward Point in South Marysburgh Township a National Park….”

"…The idea of creating a land and marine based park has been studied to death.” (studies in 1985, 1993 by divisions of Environment Canada)

2.  October 2011 PEC’s current Council:

"…supports the idea, in principle, of Point to Point PEC Foundation's proposal for a National Park and National Marine Conservation Area for the South Shore, Main Ducks and False Duck Islands of Prince Edward County…”

Point to Point is working towards creating a National Marine Conservation Area and a land base park that was started over 30 years ago.