What you can do to help Point to Point

Let people know you are in support of protecting the South Shore of Prince Edward County (PEC), and the waters beyond.

Some talking points you may want to include in your emails or letters:


  1. Recreation and conservation have always been identified as the "best use" of the South Shore region of PEC.
  2. We need to protect the major bird migration corridor of the eastern basin of Lake Ontario.
  3. Unique and rare alvar habitat should not be fragmented.
  4. Bat populations are already in decline due to white nose syndrome therefore we need to protect bat migration flyway of the South Shore.
  5. There are at least 19 species at risk that currently use the South Shore region.
  6. Ministry of Natural Resources (provincial MNR) recognized fragmentation of habitat is one of the biggest risk to biodiversity,
  7. The MNR uses the term precautionary principle with respect to the wildlife and habitat.
  8. Local, national and international environmental groups all agree Ostrander Point needs to be protected due to it's environmental significance
  9. Once it's gone, it's gone.  It's more economical to protect rather than trying to restore.


These are just a few ideas of points you could include in your correspondence to the people listed below.

Letters to:

Premier Kathleen Wynne

795 Eglinton Ave East, Unit 101
Toronto, Ontario   M4G 4E4
Fax: 416-425-0350


Hon. Kathryn McGarry. Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry

498 Eagle Street North
Phone: 519-623-5852
Fax: 519-650-3918



Prince Edward County federal and provincial representatives:

Mr. Neil Ellis, MP for Bay of Quinte

Constituency Office
100 Station Street
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 2S5
Fax: 613-969-3803

Mr. Todd Smith, MPP for Prince Edward-Hastings

PO Box 575
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 5B2
Fax: 613-969-6381


Prince Edward County Council

If you wish to send an email to all Members of Council as a group, please email council@pecounty.on.ca

For the individual addresses for the Mayor and individual Councillors, please see the County's website.